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Ignyt fitness specialises in the transformative power of small group personal training. Our sessions are intentionally limited to six individuals to ensure that each participant receives the individualised attention needed for progress on the gym floor. While large group classes may appear entertaining, they often fall short in offering the support needed for correct exercise execution, form, and technique—especially in the realm of strength training. On the other hand, although one to one coaching is helpful, it’s also expensive. We've seamlessly integrated personalised training into our services at a fraction of the cost of one-on-one coaching, making fitness accessible to everyone.  At Ignyt we take pride in providing you with the best equipment from premium brands like Concept, Wolverson, and Assault Fitness. With us, you are not just a number, you’re provided with guidance accountability and motivation from our industry leading coaches who know how to get you results. 

Here’s how our classes work: You will experience a coach-led warm-up meticulously designed to prime and prepare your body for the main workout. Immerse yourself in a compelling combination of strength and conditioning, lifting weights to build muscle and strength, and powering through conditioning, a higher intensity workout to increase aerobic and anaerobic capacity. We finish with a cool down designed to gradually bring your heart rate, body temperature, and breathing back to baseline. 


Our small group personal training memberships include classes. Led by our expert coaches, each class accommodates up to 12 individuals and offers a diverse array of workouts aimed at increasing stamina, improving conditioning and developing your functional fitness. At Ignyt, we take pride in furnishing you with an unparalleled selection of cutting-edge conditioning equipment. Row, ski, pedal and push your way through a dynamic session that leaves you invigorated, empowered, and primed to tackle any challenge that comes your way. Our classes are designed to cater to all levels and abilities, welcoming beginners and seasoned fitness enthusiasts alike. With numerous class times available throughout the week, finding a session that aligns with your schedule is both effortless and convenient.


Unsure if group training is right for you? Our one-to-one personal training service offers the ultimate solution, designed to provide you with complete individualised attention and expertise you need to succeed on your fitness journey. An experienced coach will work closely with you to understand your unique goals, limitations, and preferences. Whether you're aiming to lose fat, build muscle, improve athletic performance or enhance overall health and well-being, we'll create a customised training programme specifically tailored to meet your needs and objectives. Your programme will be meticulously designed to challenge you at every session, progressively increasing intensity to ensure continual improvement and optimal results. We offer flexible options to accommodate your schedule and commitments. Whether you prefer morning, lunchtime or evening appointments, we'll work with you to find a time that fits your calendar. At Ignyt, you'll not only achieve your immediate fitness goals but also develop the knowledge, skills, and habits to sustain long term results.


Embark on a journey of precise and comprehensive progress tracking with our InBody 270, a cutting-edge portable body composition analyser. At Ignyt Fitness, we prioritise the use of InBody to deliver accurate and reliable insights into your body's composition. The test is quick and straightforward, simply stand on the device and hold the hand electrodes for 15 seconds. Your results will be printed onto a personal, user-friendly result sheet. Some of the outputs you can expect to view from our InBody composition analyser are;

  •  Weight

  • Total Body Water

  • Fat Free Mass

  • Body Fat Mass

  • Skeletal Muscle Mass

  • Body Mass Index

  • Percent Body Fat

  • Segmental Lean Analysis

  • Body Composition History

  • Body Fat-Lean Body Mass Control

  • Basal Metabolic Rate

  • Segmental Impedance at each Frequency

This analyser is used to determine is real accurate results and NOT estimations. We will use your results to assess and monitor your progress over time by comparing previous results to existing ones.


Experience a comprehensive approach to your fitness journey with our memberships, where nutrition is seamlessly integrated. All memberships include a nutrition assessment and ongoing support. Before your consultation, we'll provide you with a food diary template to fill out which will be discussed in a one-to-one consultation with one of our coaches.
Our coaches will meticulously review your pre-written food diary, aligning your nutrition and macros with your specific fitness goals—be it muscle building, fat loss, performance enhancement, or a holistic healthier lifestyle. At Ignyt, we firmly believe that nutrition and fitness unified; both are essential for achieving the results you desire. We advocate for optimal health and a balanced lifestyle without unnecessary restrictions. 


Upon joining Ignyt Fitness, embark on a journey that begins with a personalised consultation led by our expert coaches. This pivotal session lays the foundation for your fitness success, starting with a deep understanding of your objectives—whether it's fat loss, muscle gain, performance enhancement, or overall fitness improvement.

We go beyond mere goal-setting; we ensure your goals meet the SMART criteria: specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time-bound. Progress isn't just encouraged; it's meticulously tracked. Our body composition testing, paired with a comprehensive nutrition assessment and support, ensures that every step forward is recognised, keeping you motivated and informed.

This, along with our expertly crafted programming, expert coaches and state-of-the-art gym equipment sets the stage for your transformative journey. Our commitment extends beyond a gym membership; we're invested in your success. Welcome to a fitness experience designed to turn your goals into reality.

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